The Market of the Eagle: (every Tuesday morning)

Capital of the Country of Ouche, the Eagle draws its name from the discovery by Fulbert de Beina at the 11th century, of an eyrie located on the spot of construction of its feudal castle. Today, the Eagle is particularly famous for market, 3rd of France by its importance, which is held each Tuesday morning in the middle of the city.
It is composed of three markets:
- The cattle market: several hundreds of animals (bovine, horses, calves, sheep…) there are sold each week.
- The market of the products of mouth and various: butchery/pork-butchery, fish, fruits, vegetables, poultries and clothing.
- The flower market decorates the pretty place of the Market.

Other markets of the Country of Ouche

- Verneuil sur Havre : Saturday morning

- Ferté-Fresnel : Thursday morning all the year

- Sainte Gauburge - Sainte Colombe : Wednesday morning and Saturday morning all the year

You will find also products of the soil in Bourdinière.